Computer programs

programming code
Registration of computer programs at the INPI, through services of:
  • Organization and drafting documents
  • Analysis, drafting and registration of license agreements for commercialization, use and distribuition of computer programs

Frequently Asked Questions

Computer Program is the expression of a joint set of instructions in natural or codified language, contained in physical support of whatever nature, of necessary employment in automatic machines for information, dispositions, instruments or peripheral equipments treatment, based on digital or similar technique, to make them function in a specific mean or purpose. (Lei 9609 – art. 1º.).

The registration term is 50 (fifty) years. However, any change that implies in a considerable improvement should be forwarded to the INPI to maintain an updated record.

The Protection Regimen to computer program intellectual property is granted to literary arts by the copyright, droits d´auteur and neighborhood rights in force in the Country, observed the established in Law 9609 – art. 2º.

Moral rights are not applicable to computer programs, but the author has, at all times, the right to claim his naming as author and to oppose to non authorized changes, when they imply in mutilation, deformation or any other change to a computer program, that damages his honor or reputation. (Law 9609 – art. 2º. § 1º.)