Competitive Intelligence

fabrication of pharmaceutical products
For competitive intelligence, we offer:
  • Consultations to the international databases protection, of non public access
  • Initial analysis of the due patent field
  • Technical legal opinion establishing if a product is (or not) available in the country (or other countries of interest), as well as offering possible strategic suggestions
  • International patent data bases consulting, of non public access Initial analysis of due patenting field


More commonly in the pharmaceutical sector, the kind of patenting information and "competitive intelligence" that is in our clients' routine is the patent identification in the Brazilian territory of a specific product of the clients' interest.

This kind of identification is made from a product, in general launched in the international market, and regarding which the client wishes to verify if the development of this product is possible in Brazil (or other markets of his interest), where a patent has not be granted, or else, when the technology of such product is in public domain.

Other kinds of researches are related to Brazilian and international patenting, regarding monitoring or another objective related to patenting, as, for example, the patenting identification of certain competing company and the scope of this patenting in certain technology, so it may appropriated in due time according to clients' interest.